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Top 5 Poojaghar Designs to buy online in 2020

Poojaghar or mandir is an integral part of Indian homes. But they’re often neglected when it involves the decor of the house.People fail to smoothly transition from traditional mandir designs to modern prayer space. This space makes it an eyesore because it clashes with the remainder of the fashionable house design,But the fusion of traditional temple and modern house results in such pooja room which appeal to eye at an equivalent is merging with contemporary look of the house.

Here in this article we will suggest you top 5 Poojaghar for Home or Apartment or 2BHK / 2BHK flat where space is less. 

#5 Modernly Designed mandir with White Glass

Modernly Designed mandir with White Glass looks very good because of the carving and combination with glass.

#4 Modern mandir with Designer Back Panel

#3 Standing Poojaghar with traditional look

#2 Traditional Mandir With Gold Leaf Wooden Jali

#1 DOM Shaped Wooden Mandir With Pillars

So which design you like the most ?
Please comment and if you like some other designs then please let us know..

Top 05 poojaghar to buy online in 2020.


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